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The Search

Finding Myself

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Ben Langstaff
Having maintained this journal for a year now, I think its time to update a few things. First of all, this journal was created for others to have a place where they can check in on me, and see how things are going. Hence it is an open journal, anyone can look in on me, and are welcome. Other aspects of the journal have since manifest, I keep a more Personal journal behind cuts that is my search for my place in this creation we call the universe. It is open in that if you wish to join, feel free to ask, though as it is a more personal journal I hold more discretion as to who I'll allow to join.

I am originally from Colorado, it is my home still though I have since moved away. I came out to california to persue my dreams, and thus far they are progressing steadily and well. When the time is right I'll move back to CO and persue my dreams further, for now I'm enjoying where I'm at.

I also play World Of Warcraft, having recently transfered to there from EverQuest. I play the games for release, and for the joy of story telling, I am known to include entries about my adventures as various characters from these games. Ishaba is my main character in WoW, though I still have fond memories of Viadlo who I played in EQ.

If there's anything more you'd like to know, my journal has a years worth of entries that might answer your questions, if not feel free to ask.

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