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Mage, Session Five

New Cards Drawn:

1st Card: Temperance (reversed)

2nd Card: The Lovers

3rd Card: 7 of Pentacles

4th Card: 7 of Chalices

News items:

Dr. Teeth has heard about the Episcopalian claims that holy warriors took the Voynic and has now publicly demanded that these Episcopalians step forward and release the names of the thieves so that justice can be served and the Voynic can be recovered.

UC Davis has donated a large sum of money to the Cabot Observation Tower where a new class will be held.

Vincent expresses the desire to find the Horizon Walkers murder site. To that end Jean Paul contacts Dr. Uchanee at the Chabot Observation Tower to see about getting a guide into the deep umbra, presumably where the Horizon Walker was killed. Dr. Uchanee basically tells them that he is better at looking into and across the umbra rather than actually visiting these places. If they were to be able to provide them a location he might be able to find it for viewing without need of travel.

The party then goes to visit Scarlet at Wiccan Grounds to ask for her permission in investigating the murder site or to offer their help if the Verbena would allow. Scarlet admits that her Sisters have been seeking their own way to visit the murder site but so far lacked success. At the moment Scarlet was unsure where or even when the murder took place. I offered the players a chance to make an intelligence check and with enough successes I suggested that with a time mage they could probably look back on the ritual and perhaps try to ask the sending some questions that they were unable to at the time.

Given a small ritual in which they recreated the ritual site in miniature, and rolling combined arete's I allowed them to ask the sending when and where the murder had taken place. The sending was only able to answer within it is own subjective experience which was in memory of its travels since having come into existence as well as how long it had existed. This was expressed more through the mind sphere as locations and descriptions in the umbra often don't even have words with which to describe them.

With that Scarlet said she would talk to her sisters and let them know what had been discovered and recommend that the Verbena take the help offered by the party. There was discussion as to why the party wanted to help which included some explanation of Raine's visions and her auto conversation with her Avatar. Scarlet encouraged them to talk to Dr. Uchanee and see if he would be able to seek out the location based upon the information they now had. If he was willing to look this up she would be very interested in being there.

During the ritual to revisit the sending, I allowed Raine to notice the flames she had seen before in which she viewed one of the prophecies. Only this time she sees something different, being the prophecy for this session. In this case again she sees a figure in the flames, only this time it is a male figure and it is reaching out and helping another figure up. The second figure seems outlined by the flame where the first figure is made up of the flame.

With that Jean Paul called Dr. Uchanee and filled him in, the Dr. said that he would have a telescope available Wodensday night after it finished running it is current program. With Clyde's help he should be able to seek out the location as given.

Wodensday was an arbitrary date given as we had no real date of current time, so I gave the party a chance to do other things before meeting up at the Chabot Observation Tower. They didn't explore anything of interest.

So returning to the Observatory, the party meets up with Dr. Uchanee, Clyde, and Scarlet. They have set aside time at one of the telescopes and with some mind magic Raine expresses the location they seek as it was expressed to her. Being an artist she draws the image while passing the thoughts to the Dr. and Clyde. Given some searching the Dr. eventually comes across and image on screen that matches part of the drawing that Raine made. From there they follow a path back along the way the sending had come. The screen continues to show locations that can be made out in the drawing that Raine had done, but eventually its as if the screen falls off the drawing. Clyde and the Dr. go back to the last familiar image and then by adjusting the view screen they are essentially able to turn around and see where the sending had come from.

It is here that they find the murder site. It looks more like a battle site, nay more like the remains of a natural disaster. Consider the power of a Horizon Walker, out in the umbra where they are not limited to what the paradigm can handle, and this would the be final moments of said Horizon Walkers fight for its own life.

Filtering through the debris the Dr. is able to identify the body of the mage, unique among the other bodies in that it is without need and therefor has very little in the way of possessions or even clothing. Three other bodies are identified that seem to be armed for war with very archaic weaponry including swords, crossbows, longbows, knives, the like. Of everything they carry at least one sword stands out, because unlike everything else it is without mar or smudge. Through the proper filters the sword appears to be imbued, Holy. Those with the proper knowledges were able to identify the sword as one that would have been carried during the crusades, and later even used during the inquisition.

Much of this takes a great deal of time to view, and the whole time the Dr. is recording as best he can what they find. I did express that without the sphere of spirit, the screen appeared as a field of stars and was otherwise unremarkable, beyond the beauty of being a field of stars. For those with the sphere of spirit, what they saw on screen was like looking directly out over the Umbra. On the other hand until the screen was able to catch up with the locations as drawn by Raine, the drawings themselves looked very abstract and unremarkable. But once what was on the screen matched what was on Raine's drawing, suddenly everything fell into place and made sense. Given the time this takes, the Dr. is forced to close down the telescope because a new program is scheduled to start and they need to clean up after themselves. As such the party is unable to make use of time to look back to when the battle actually took place.

Scarlet seems stunned by everything they see, and doesn't say anything more after the ritual stops. Her face a mixture of stunned horror and building rage. She takes off in short order without a word to the others.

Clyde and the Dr. keep a professional attitude about the whole thing, and go about their business as though it was just another experiment. Dr. Uchanee takes down a number of mirrors that look like telescope mirrors, presumably they are his foci. Clyde continues to type on the computer, presumably the program being his foci. He also seems to have built a rather significant collection of empty power drink cans. For that matter Raine has a rather impressive pile of paper at her feet, drawings of everything they have seen for her to remember.

The party helps out where they can, everyone is drained and tired for having stayed up all night working the ritual. Dr. Uchanee does mention that if they would prefer to get some rest before driving, there are cots in the back, though they might not get much rest as the Observatory is about to open and classes will begin.

We decided that this was probably a good place to stop. No questions are forthcoming concerning any of the cards drawn previously, though admittedly its been over a month since the last time we played. I will allow the players to make questions here if they would like.
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