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I had mentioned that if Maynard were to put his recordings on the internet of our Steamclaw game I would try to link them here. Well, he did, some time ago to and I never got around to mentioning it. My apologies. That said, our recordings started out simply as that, recordings of our sessions. It was alright, but we were all new at this and Maynard was learning how to get the most out of what he had and the like. He now feels confident that he can record relatively well, but since we were posting those recordings on the internet for others to enjoy, Maynard also felt maybe a little more performance would be good, not just as entertainment, but also using each others characters names when we are talking to each other so that listeners would know who we are addressing or who we are talking about.

So with all that in mind we started over, and as such I'm taking that chance to post appropriate links.

Maynard keeps a word press blog at where each episode can be found along with a short text introduction. There was talk that Captain Volpe would be leaving comments as a captains log of sorts. We are all encouraged to make similar comments and I might take advantage of that myself as the navigator Ishmael.

Maynard has also managed to get the episodes available on iTunes as a free Podcast, just search for White Ship Destiny. Unfortunately I don't know how to link to podcasts in iTunes, or if one even can, so I can't link to it, but I've checked that search term and our game is the only podcast that shows up.

We've had fun doing them so please go listen, hopefully you'll enjoy them as well.
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