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Mage, Session Four

Session 4:

Cards drawn for prophecy:

5 of Wands
The Empress (inverted)
Knight of Wands
2 of Chalices (inverted)

This session I asked how my players get their news.

Vincent reads weekly world news and watches TV - he expressed not watching anything in particular, that he was more reliant upon street contacts for his news.

Jean Paul checks specialized websites – CNN, genuine spiritual sites, tries to keep up with both liberal and conservative sites, blogs.

Raine also tends to check the internet – online newspapers does searches by topic, women's issues, keeps up with a few blogs.

In discussing these news outlets I did mention two bits that should be remembered:

Dr. Teeth of all the current event sources seems most concerned with the theft of the Voynic, other liberal sources are certainly concerned.

On the other hand an Episcopalian group located outside San Jose claims a group of holy warriors stole the Voynic and used it to destroy a Demon posing as a Pagan deity.

In expressing this sessions prophecy to Raine, I asked where she was and what she was doing when she received it. She said this time she'd like to be at the shop and visible to the public, so we decided that she was working on a piece in public, which always draws a crowd. Something out of the corner of her eye attracts her attention and when she turns to see what it is she sees what appears to be two people fighting in a dark alleyway across the street. I did ask her to roll perception and alertness, she got two successes. The first success I allowed her to notice that the figures themselves seemed to be drawn out of the shadows, which served to alert her that she was not seeing anything mundane. One seemed to be wearing a very fine black suit and tie over a very white shirt. The other figure seemed to be dressed in a cloak or cowl. In the quick struggle she sees the cowled figure viciously backhands the well dressed figure. In so doing Raine's second success allows her to notice that the cowled figures fist appears to be skeletal.

Jean Paul summons a puzzle spirit in hopes of locating the Voynic, and draws the 3 and 5 of swords. The spirit knew of the Voynic but not its current whereabouts. In asking them to find it, they asked if he would solve a riddle for them in return. To this he drew the five of chalices and the seven of swords, which I used to ask “When the wheel snags, these will workers are quick to act. What would make them indecisive?”

So in a moment of brightness, Jean Paul decides he's going to take the question to the Euthanatos and ask them. But he doesn't know where to find the Euthanatos, and asks Vincent and Raine if they might know where he might go. Vincent mentions he would know a good place to start and they make a road trip to Reno.

When they get to Reno, Jean Paul picks a casino and walks in. Using Entropy one he takes a look around to find that everything is in perfect balance, he can't walk up to any particular slot machine and expect it to win more readily than any other. This in itself is a rather, interesting thing. But in attempt to change his luck, and maybe grab someone's attention, he pulls out his knuckle bone dice (his entropy focus) and rolls them on the top of a slot machine.

Vincent sees what Jean Paul is doing and stops him before he can complete his tampering. He looks for the pit boss and winks, letting Jean Paul know that what he's doing is probably not in his best interests. Then he walks away and leaves Jean Paul to his devices. Jean Paul reconsiders his actions and decides he's going to look at other casino's to see if they have the same balance that this one has. Before he can leave however, a couple of security guards approach him and ask if he would accompany them.

They lead him to a plain back room where they offer him a seat and tell him that someone will be with him in a moment. Given a short period another person joins Jean Paul in his room, this person seems perpetually covered in shadows leaving them unidentifiable by normal means. Jean Paul begins to concentrate hoping to use spirit and entropy to see what he can learn about this person. As he does so however, the other raises their hand and says plainly “Identity is important here, please let us keep things as they are.” Wisely Jean Paul releases his intentions.

Jean Paul confides in the other the puzzle he has been asked to solve. I don't remember the specifics of the conversation, much of it I was thinking about how to respond. The other did specifically ask “What would cause anyone to be indecisive?” before mentioning that this is a puzzle that the spirit has asked Jean Paul to answer, to that end the other confesses that they're not sure they would be able to answer the puzzle for him.

Meanwhile, Raine has wandered off looking to find any cultist holdings that might exist. Being a cultist herself, she knows what signs to look for, and sure enough she finds a little bar that seems to be rather popular, that being a long line outside held back by a bouncer. She approaches and uses the appropriate high sign that allows her in, to which those in line find annoying. Inside she finds that despite the line outside there is actually a good deal of space inside for people to be intimate (not necessarily that such intimacy is physical). Beyond the bar there are many tables around which people sit and converse, as well as a stage where some musician is performing. Finally there is a short stairway leading to a hallway flanked by two more bouncers.

When Jean Paul leave the casino to join Vincent, they phone Raine to find out where she is. She lets them know the high sign to get in, and they receive more boo's from the line outside. Our game was running slow so it has convened here, although a manager or owner did approach the three to talk and catch up on the wider world. This allowed me the chance to offer advice, reminding them that in a subjective reality, evidence is worthless. If they want to find who stole the Voynic, they should be looking for motivation.

Tyson has asked what the Devil card meant in the second session. A very direct question, and I'm afraid I can't answer it so directly. To that end I read out the meaning as presented in the user guide of my tarot deck: “The ties that bind can also burn. The longer you dwell with anything or anyone, the strong the chains connecting you together become.” I then reminded him that Tarot decks read primarily for the one for whom the reading is done, whereas I needed it to read for third parties. I need the deck to identify 3rd parties, and then be able to tell me what they do. To that end the positioning of the cards as they are drawn become very important, and like the Knave of Chalises where I said its more important that the card is a Knave than its suite, in this case it is also more important the order in which the card was drawn.

Unfortunately todays game has been rather slow. Cass was not present and the rest of us all seemed to be a bit tired and slow. I partly blame myself for having rushed the time table of the prophecy that I would have revealed today. As such we didn't have anything really knew to do. The others are understanding and recognize that I am still working out the kinks, and for that I am grateful. Next session a new prophecy will be revealed and things should pick back up.
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