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Changes to my cut

What originally started out as a bible study has since come to be more of a general search into spirituality. I had never intended it to be just a study of the bible, that was just where I had started. I'm still early into the bible, but the entries have become increasingly related to other things rather than just the bible. I guess thats to be expected, but calling it my bible study cut just no longer worked.

So I have now changed that cut to be called The Search mirroring my own journal title. The entries will continue with my bible study, but this will more acurately include all the other random thoughts and reactions that I come across as well as other important books that I'm sure to read... eventually.

I mention this as an official intent on my own part for my own good, but also to reinvite everyone to this more personal journal and search into my own spirituality and undestanding of the world. I'm not removing anyone from the cut as it was originally made unless of course anyone would like me to. And as this is a reinvitation to anyone who is not already in these cuts: IF you would like to be, you have but to ask, post here and I'll make the necesary changes.

I have updated my First things First entry to reflect the changes here, and have opened it to my friends cut. Again I ask that anyone who wishes to join this discussion make sure to read what is said there.

Potential for Expansion has been brought up as a question, if anyone is interested.
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